Adding Voice is as easy as 1 2 3

1) Connecting to IVS

With the IVS VoiceBox adding voice service to your network couldn't be easier. The VoiceBox resides at the head-end of your network and is preconfigured with all the software needed to connect your network to the IVS voice infrastructure. In addition this gives you an IP PBX, Wireshark and CALEA so you can easily service your customers, monitor voice quality, and comply with all Federal Voice regulations.

2) Connecting your Customers

All that is required to bring VoIP to the homes of your customers is an IVS ATA. This device is preconfigured to utilize our infrastructure and is a simple plug-n-play device that allows your customers to use their existing phones.
$31.25/unit (order in cases of 32)

3) Quality of Services

Once your customers have ATA's in their homes we will assist you in configuring QoS in your network to properly handle voice traffic. Once configured every additional customer will be able to take full advantage of a network geared for voice.

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