End-to-End Managed VoIP

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IVS is specifically geared to service the WISP industry. IVS will be taking advantage of the excess capacity available over IDS's Network in order to provide dedicated bandwidth for WISPs per SIP Trunk or SIP Session. IVS will provide only Tier 1 Routes over Level 3's backbone, and through IDS, will be directly Peering with each of Level 3's six (6) Sonus Soft Switch Clusters that make up Level 3's Wholesale Voice Network. IVS does not use LCR (Least Cost Routing) and therefore has less likelihood of having any 503 errors. IVS will be providing Second Level Support through its 40 person USA based Call Center and Third Level Support, US based, White Label Technical Support through Level 3 for free as part of its Service. IVS has the ability, as a Wholesale Voice Carrier, to Port any number, on its own, usually within 3 business days. Because of IDS's position with Level 3, IVS does not have to pay a Number Portability Charge, which means that IVS will not charge for Porting numbers to its WISP Customers. IVS will be able to provide a Turn Key solution for WISPs that will include a Private Label User Portal. The only equipment necessary for WISPs to provide service to their clients will be ATA's, which will connect to their client's phones to enable the analog to SIP translation. The ATA will register to an IVS Secure Fast-Switch ™ and that is all that will be needed to provide service. IVS will provide e-911 as part of the service. There are no regulatory requirements for WISPs in regards to Voice Services provided by IVS, since Level 3 will be doing all of the Origination and Termination. IVS will Register WISPs with any and all necessary Local, State and Federal Jurisdictions and Entities and pay any necessary Taxes, Fees and Surcharges related to its VoIP Service. Any USF or other fees and taxes will be included in the Price that IVS provides to its WISP Customers - there are no hidden costs with IVS.

WISPs need to provide Voice Service in order to compete and to be able to get Rural Broadband Grant money from the US Government. Voice is a untapped revenue source for WISPs that will bring them more ROI from their existing Network and Support infrastructure. IVS can help WISPs maximize their potential Voice Market and increase their overall revenue by providing to WISPs a lower cost and better quality complete Voice Service.

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